Fasting Bundle

Fasting Bundle

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Caffeine, antioxidants, and amino acids provide an effective combo for an effortless fast.


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The Ultimate Bundle To Fast Like A Pro.

Kion Aminos

Not so fast! You’re missing Kion Aminos in your routine. These easy-to-absorb essential amino acids can bring your fast to the next level. EAAs help suppress the appetite, increase mental focus, and reduce fatigue*, making them perfect for fasted workouts or long work days. Kion Aminos are clean, free of sugar or artificial sweeteners, and totally plant-based.

Kion Coffee

One of the best ways to get the most out of your fast is to grab a cup of clean, black coffee. The caffeine in coffee helps reduce hunger pangs, increases your energy, and supports autophagy.* Autophagy is a method where the body “cleans house” by detoxing your organs and getting them running well again. Clean energy, enhanced autophagy, and delicious coffee? Sounds like the best fast ever.

  • Maintain your fast for longer with tons of clean, lean energy*

  • Unlock more fasting benefits by supporting autophagy*

  • Nourish your body during fasting with easy-to-absorb essential aminos*


Fasting Bundle