Jeff's Solution For Joint Health, Flexibility, & Mobility

Meet Jeff. He’s in his mid-thirties, and he loves to move and stay active—cycling, running with his pup Linc, and keeping rollerblading alive are a few of his specialties.

But, his joints often feel sore, stiff, and just sort of “old man-like” after a hard day of pedaling, pounding the pavement, or bladin’.

When he was younger, his body would bounce back in what felt like seconds. But today, his muscles and joints are a tad less forgiving and it takes Jeff a lot longer to recover after activity.

Say Goodbye to Exercise-related Sore, Achy Joints

The powerful combination of Turmeric Root and Japanese Haritaki Fruit support a healthy inflammatory response that can help reduce joint tenderness and swelling after hard workouts.

These two potent ingredients make sore, achy joints—that are the result of exercise, overexertion, or a few too many miles pedaling, running, or blading around Colorado—a thing of the past.

And you can get them both in Kion Flex, which contains only natural ingredients with absolutely no binders, fillers, or artificial anything. So, you get the best of the best ingredients to support healthy joints, minus the junk.

Move at the Speed of Life

Additionally, Kion Flex contains proteolytic enzymes that support faster recovery and help you move with ease and agility and bounce back to your favorite activities.

You can rest assured that every ingredient in Flex is proven to reduce mild, temporary joint discomfort, soreness, and swelling associated with exercise. Finally, spend less time recovering, and more time moving.


Use Every Day for Joints That Bounce Back In No Time

Kion Flex is safe to use every day and supports better joint mobility and recovery day after day, no matter your age.

You can take Flex the same way Jeff does: Just 3 capsules a day on an empty stomach is all you need to finally get your joints and muscles back to where you need them to be.

Now, it’s your time! Move the way you love at any age.

Ready to experience what Flex can do for your joint health?

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  • What are the ingredients, I don’t see them listed? I have food and chemical sensitivities and I have to read all the ingredients before buying.
    Kion replied:
    Hi Haley,

    To answer your question: Kion flex is made of Turmeric root extract (as Turmacin®), Terminalia chebula fruit extract (as Ayuflex®), Serrapeptase, Aspergillus oryzae and melleus blend (as Serrazimes®), Bacillus subtilis and Ananas comosus blend (as ProHydrolase®); Vegetarian capsule (Hypromellose), rice concentrate (Nu-Flow®), maltodextrin, silica. If you present food sensitivities, I’d suggest consulting your health practitioner before adding a new supplement to your diet. You can see more information about Flex on this link https://getkion.com/collections/see-all/products/flex.


    haley on

  • can you take the flex at the same time as your aminos?

    Lori Rae Moosbrugger on

  • That’s great information, and I’m glad to hear Jeff’s testimonial for Flex. Can one take Flex and EAA at the same time? I would like to see guidance on how to stack this with other supplements in the morning. Thanks!

    Gabriel on

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