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Take it From Ben: BCAAs Are a Waste of Money

Meet Ben. He’s a Jiu Jitsu practitioner who was generally crushing it in the gym and crushing his opponents on the mats—until...

He hit a wall.

Ben thought taking BCAAs was going to help him get stronger and perform at his best, but he just wasn't getting the results he was promised.

Thousands of dollars and a whole lot of epiphanies later, Ben realized he wasn’t seeing the results he wanted for one simple reason: BCAAs aren’t complete proteins.

BCAAs are missing the five essential amino acids (EAAs) that ACTUALLY build strength, improve endurance, and give you hours of energy.

When Ben found Kion Aminos, he knew right away it was a game changer.

Here are three reasons BCAAs don’t work and why the pure EAAs found in Kion Aminos actually do the job:

1. BCAAs slip through the cracks with a 50% absorption rate.

Ben found out the hard way that only 50% of BCAAs actually get absorbed by the muscle. What happens to the rest? They get peed out, along with your money, time, and energy.

EAAs are significantly more absorbable and able to power your muscles in as little as 30 minutes.

With Kion Aminos, Ben felt energized in minutes and could hit the mat with more endurance, mental clarity, and faster recovery after each training session.

2. BCAAs only have 3 essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. That’s it.

When Ben realized he was missing the complete amino acid profile with BCAAs, it was a no-brainer since his gains were practically wasting away before his eyes.

Your body needs the complete amino acid profile to truly unlock peak performance—that’s why BCAAs don’t work. They only give you half-baked results.

When Ben finally started using essential amino acids from Kion Aminos, he felt stronger on the mat, recovered faster, and had even more mentally focus than before.

"Kion Aminos boost my muscle recruitment in my workouts giving the ability to get more out of my training. Thank you amino acids!"


- Philip L (verified buyer)

3. BCAAs are often packed with allergy-inducing ingredients like grains, nuts, and eggs.

Unless you’ve got a stomach made of steel, there’s probably something in the average BCAA supplement that makes your stomach turn. And we’re sure you know an upset stomach isn't the greatest tool in a fighter's toolbox.

So, when Ben looked at the ingredients on the average bottle of BCAAs, he saw fillers, additives, and a ton of allergy red flags.

That’s why he put it down and picked up Kion Aminos. With 100% pure EAAs and zero junk ingredients, fillers, or additives, Ben was able to enjoy a pure essential amino acid supplement that was light, effective, and easy to stomach.

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  • Ain’t science wonderful. I only used BCAA’s for a couple of months and then saw a lot of research (credible) that suggested the EAA’s are more readily available to the body and that the correct aminos in the correct blend was proven far superior and much more readily available. I have been using Kion’s, cool lime for over a year and glad I switched.

    Bob Douthitt on

  • Kion Aminos are a freaking game changer. I use them ore workout mixed with Kion creatine and I’m crushing workouts like never before. Even better, I’ll use them before football games and it’s a noticeable difference in energy and stamina compared to when I don’t take them. Best supplement I’ve ever bought! Kion creatine right there as well
    Kion replied:
    Hi Tylor,

    We are stoked to hear about your progress with the Aminos and Creatine combo! They’re definitely a game changer-keep crushing it!!

    Anonymous on

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