Jared's SECRET WEAPON For Ironman 2021

Meet Jared—an avid triathlete and Ironman competitor.

Between hours upon hours of hard training, Jared wants to make sure he gives his body the nutrients it needs to get the results he wants.

Luckily, Jared has a secret weapon that gives him a competitive edge in training AND recovery: Kion Colostrum.

Colostrum is a 100% natural milk-based powder that contains vitamins, minerals, proteins, and enzymes that support a healthy gut and robust immune system.

Build A Gut That Can’t Be Beat

Hard training may make the gut lining more permeable and can cause the body to lose important vitamins and minerals. (1) 

Colostrum supports a stronger gut lining so those precious nutrients don’t slip through the cracks.

The Lactoferrin in Colostrum supports the health of the gut lining, while the Growth Factors (IgF-I, IgF-2, and EGF) help build and maintain the sensitive tissues in the GI tract.

Don’t Let Your Immune System Slow You Down

If you want to perform your best when race day rolls around, your immune system needs to be as solid as your muscles. 

Hard training stresses your immune system. And when you stack that with the other stressors of daily life, your body needs all the extra support it can get.

Colostrum contains antibodies called immunoglobulins which help the body have a resilient immune response. It also has Proline-Rich Polypeptides (PRPs) which help regulate the immune system and keep it strong, even on your toughest training days.

Recovery Never Tasted So Good

When you train hard, you need to recover even harder. But most recovery aids tend to be lacking in the flavor department (to put it lightly).

Colostrum supports athletic recovery and it tastes light, creamy, and delicious. Think vanilla ice cream, but healthy.

Even on your days off, you can add it to your coffee, or eat it right out of the container.

Ready to get your new secret weapon for peak performance, recovery, and health?

Try Colostrum Now


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