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Kion Immune is a synergistic blend of Vitamin C and Zinc designed to keep you healthy all year long.

  • Supports a healthy immune system*
  • Promotes proper function of immune cells*

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It's tough staying healthy year 'round. You have to eat well, wash your hands, and try to keep your kids from double-dipping in the guacamole.

However, good hygiene isn't always enough. Sometimes you need extra immune support from the inside-out.

Vitamin C and Zinc are two essential nutrients that can give your body that extra boost. 

Vitamin C aids your cells in keeping harmful free radicals in check, and zinc is essential for building healthy, strong immune cells*. Deficiencies in these two nutrients can impact immune function and weaken your body's defenses, so it's important to make sure you're getting enough through diet and supplementation.

Kion Immune is a daily immune support supplement with a synergistic blend of Vitamin C and Zinc. When combined with a healthy lifestyle, good sleep, and solid nutrition, Kion Immune can help you stay vibrant and healthy all year long.*

  • Vegan

  • Non-GMO

  • Gluten-Free

Two Simple Ingredients, One Powerful Immune Formula.


Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that’s known to promote stronger immune function.*

Zinc (Bisglycinate Chelate)

Zinc is an essential mineral that plays a key role in immune function. Zinc activates immune cells that help regulate your immune response.*

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Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Zinc (Bisglycinate Chelate), Vegetarian Capsule (Hypromellose), Rice Bran, L-Leucine, Silica


Questions? We have answers.

Should I take this daily?

Kion Immune is best taken as a daily preventative supplement.

How many capsules do I take?

Take 1-4 capsules daily or as recommended by a healthcare professional. Do not exceed 4 capsules, as the zinc may cause gastrointestinal distress.

These make my stomach hurt. Why is that?

If you are taking more than 4 capsules, the zinc could be causing gastrointestinal distress. Try reducing your dosage, and check other supplements for zinc levels. The upper limit of zinc for adults is 40mg.

Should I take Kion Immune with or without food?

It can be taken with food or without, depending on your preference. If it causes stomach upset, try taking it with a meal.

Is Kion Immune gluten-free?

Yes, Kion Immune is gluten-free.

Why don't you use whole food vitamin C?

Some believe whole food vitamin C is more bioavailable than ascorbic acid. However, a majority of the scientific research does not support this claim. In fact, all steady state comparative bioavailability studies in humans have shown no differences between ascorbic acid and whole food vitamin C, regardless of the subject population, study design, or intervention used. Therefore, in order to bring you the most affordable, safe, and convenient immune support product, we chose to include the most studied form of vitamin C: ascorbic acid.