Recovery Bundle

Recovery Bundle

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Bounce back faster and stronger from workouts with this powerful recovery trifecta.


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    No more torn and worn muscles slowing you down. Kion Aminos provides a concentrated dose of Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) that support muscle protein synthesis, helping your muscles recover faster from tough workouts.*

    Kion Flex

    Don’t let sore and achy joints slow you down! Kion Flex is a fast-acting, plant-based joint support supplement that can relieve soreness and discomfort from exercise.* Just one serving a day can help you keep moving, training, and living the life you love.

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    Support your body’s post-workout inflammatory response with concentrated omega-3s.* Our ultra-pure fish oil from sustainably sourced anchovies provides 200% more EPA and DHA than your daily recommendations. Omega-3 fatty acids are known to help soothe sore and swollen tissues from excess physical activity.*

    • Train with less joint discomfort*

    • Support muscle protein synthesis*

    • Boost the body’s natural recovery process*


    Recovery Bundle