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What's the best way to brew coffee? That’s like asking who your favorite child is. It’s an impossible question to answer without knowing what all of them have done when you aren’t looking.

Just kidding… But the truth is, there are many coffee brewing options available that vary in the time they require, gadgets they involve, and flavor profiles they produce. The best coffee brewing method for you depends on your personal preferences.

So whether you like your morning coffee routine to be mindless or more intricate, here’s a guide to some of the most popular brewing methods out there.

1. Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee is not to be confused with iced coffee (gasp!), as it uses an entirely different brewing method than just adding ice. Making cold brew coffee involves steeping coffee grounds in water for long periods of time and results in a strong coffee concentrate that's typically less acidic and more smooth than hot-brewed coffee.

  • Brew Method: Steep
  • Time: 12-24 hours
  • Grind: Medium-coarse
  • Filter Method: Metal
  • Coffee / Water Ratio: 256g / 64 oz. or 2 cups / 8 cups (Cold brew ratios are typically 1:4)
  • Water Temp: Room temperature (~70 F)

You’ll Like This Method If: You want a less acidic and smoother taste, you live in a warm climate and a hot cup of coffee is as appealing as ripping a band-aid off a hairy leg.


  • Use Kion Dark Roast for that bold, chocolatey, nutty flavor you expect from your cold brew. 
  • Avoid "disturbing" your brew and beans as much as possible. This means gently lifting the filter, not stirring the sediment, and refraining from wringing, squeezing, or pressing on the beans. Doing any of these can negatively affect the flavor of your coffee. 

2. Drip Coffee Machine

Auto-drip coffee machines are one of the most common household brewing methods due to their ease of use, convenience, and ability to make large amounts of coffee at once. If you have counter space to spare, a drip machine is definitely one of the most convenient methods money can buy.

  • Brew Method: Drip
  • Time: 5-10 minutes
  • Grind: Medium
  • Filter Method: Paper
  • Coffee / Water Ratio: 60g / 34 oz. (may vary based on machine model)
  • Water Temp: 195-205 F

You’ll Like This Method If: You want a consistent taste, you have multiple coffee-lovers in your household, you ain’t got time to mess around in the morning and need that caffeine mainlined into your bloodstream ASAP.

3. Pour Over

While there are many different pour over devices available, the principle method is standard: Pour hot water over a cylindrical filter containing coffee grounds. However, don’t let the simplicity fool you. Pour over allows you to have a lot of control over the flavor profile of coffee, which is appealing to many coffee connoisseurs.

  • Brew Method: Drip
  • Time: 2-3 minutes
  • Grind: Medium-Coarse
  • Filter Method: Paper, metal, or cloth
  • Coffee / Water Ratio: 30g / 17 oz.
  • Water Temp: 195-205 F

You’ll Like This Method If: Consistency is not your number one priority, you like tinkering with flavor and aroma profiles, you seek higher states of consciousness via the incredibly meditative practice of pouring hot water over coffee grounds.

4. French Press

A French Press is a simple manual brewing method that involves steeping and filtering coffee, similarly to a cup of tea. Because of the steeping, this method takes a bit longer than other manual brewing processes, but produces an incredibly flavorful cuppa.

  • Brew Method: Steep
  • Time: 5-10 minutes
  • Grind: Coarse
  • Filter Method: Metal
  • Coffee / Water Amounts: 50g / 28 oz.
  • Water Temp: 195-205 F

You’ll Like This Method If: You want a simple manual brewing method, you enjoy a full-bodied taste, you like anything that makes you feel French (errr, actually, turns out the French Press was invented by Italians. You’ll thank us at Trivia Night).

5. AeroPress

The AeroPress is a relatively new brewing method that originated in California. It’s a single-serve piston-like brewer that forces coffee through a filter, creating a clean espresso-like concentrate.

  • Brew Method: Pressure
  • Time: 2-3 minutes
  • Grind: Fine
  • Filter Method: Paper or metal
  • Coffee / Water Amounts: 15g / 8 oz.
  • Water Temp: 195-205 F

You’ll Like This Method If: You like the bold taste of espresso, you don’t mind making a single serving at a time, you travel frequently and want to feel like a coffee snob while you’re camping.

6. Moka Pot

The Moka Pot is a classic European stove-top device that brews a strong coffee concentrate using steam and pressure. It’s fairly easy to use, and the device itself is just so darn adorable you’ll want to cry.

  • Brew Method: Pressure
  • Time: 2 minutes
  • Grind: Fine
  • Filter Method: Metal
  • Coffee / Water Ratio: 20g / 11 oz.
  • Water Temp: 195-205 F

You’ll Like This Method If: You want a taste similar to espresso, you like simplicity, you want to feel like you’re at a tiny tea party with the Queen.

7. Siphon

A siphon is a true coffee nerd’s dream. It brews coffee using a live flame, two glass “balloons”, and vacuum pressure, leading to a full-bodied, clear cup of coffee. Science!

  • Brew Method: Pressure
  • Time: 3-5 minutes
  • Grind: Medium-Fine
  • Filter Method: Glass, paper, metal, or cloth
  • Coffee / Water Ratio: 35g / 20 oz.
  • Water Temp: 195-205 F

You’ll Like This Method If: You don’t mind intricate brewing methods, you like full body and clarity, you want to feel like a mad scientist while you’re making coffee.

8. Espresso Machine

An espresso machine is an automatic brewing method that involves a pump and boiler to force pressurized steam through ground coffee. The result is a consistent shot of creamy espresso.

  • Brew Method: Pressure
  • Time: < 1 minute
  • Grind: Fine
  • Filter Method: Metal
  • Coffee / Water Ratio: For a double shot, ~20g / 1.5 oz. (Espresso ratios are typically 1:2)
  • Water Temp: 195-205 F

You’ll Like This Method If: You’re a die-hard espresso lover, you want the consistency and convenience of non-manual brewing, good coffee is worth its weight in gold and you don’t mind dropping some dough $$$.


Coffee brewing methods are like soulmates: There’s one out there for everyone.

But no matter which brewing method you choose, the perfect cup always comes down to the quality of your coffee. When you brew with a coffee that’s crafted for health, roasted for maximum flavor, and packaged to maintain freshness, you really can’t go wrong. 

So before you grab another bag of that cheap grocery store stuff, try out Kion Coffee—Dark Roast, Medium Roast, or Decaf—for certified organic coffee that arrives to your door tasting as fresh as the day it was roasted.

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  • what type of ground is the ground coffee bag? Medium? Course?
    Kion replied:
    This is a medium-fine grind suitable for many types of brew methods. While not necessarily ideal for all brew methods, it is a flexible compromise.

    Nicole on

  • You did not list percolator. It preserves the cafesol and kahweol for us who want those health benefits. I note some of your other brewing methods do also. Thanks for the great article.

    Patty on

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